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They are stepping forward, beyond me
Am I falling behind?
Nothing is as it was
Or ever will be again
And there is no stopping
Only going, going, going
Motion will continue as their legs keep getting longer
Am I falling behind?
And they are calling me to run with them
To dance with them
To play with them
And I must balance here
I must turn my eyes away from their speed
Into Your everlasting gaze
One day they will outgrow my home
(Though never my love)
They will move beyond my shade and to race beneath the sky You have made
And there they will feel Your grace
They will need Your forgiveness
They will choose their paths
They will
They will
I will not fear this future
It runs towards me without stopping
I will not fear this certainty
I was made to worship in this way
For a moment I have them
But they are Yours
I pray they walk in Your light
Choose Your ways step forward to do Your will
But I cannot choose for them
I can only guide, suggest, pray, and teach
Show them Your ways, help them choose to follow You!


How do you feel about the future?  How do you want to respond to it?

For further meditation:

1 Samuel 1-2:11, 18-21, Proverbs 31.