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setting sun.jpgShe’s calling my name as I stare at the monitor, and though I feel torn, I let my ears lead me.

“Mom!  You have to see this!  You have to come!”

Glowing bright through branches of our neighbors tree burns the blazing embers of a sunset so brilliant I could cry.  I might have missed it, but my daughter wouldn’t let me.

A few months ago we were heading to the car, trudging slowly through the last moments of our Wednesday-night-exhaustion.  But on that particular Wednesday night, I glanced up from the trampled grass and saw the sun sinking bright red into the horizon.  I hurried my children into their seats and like a lunatic began driving quickly down the highway to an open field where I managed to capture the last glimpse with my smartphone.

Glory, untouched by a human hand, turning my mind from my list of incomplete chores and to the Maker of heaven and earth.

I wonder, how many “glory moments” have I missed in my life?  How often have I remained staring at the monitor or the trampled grass, missing the arc of a hawk as it glides on the breeze God has commanded to lift it up?  How many mornings drenched with birdsong have Iost because I was drowning in the buzzing sounds of my own thoughts?  How many rainbows have I missed because I was too busy staring at the clouds or recovering from a downpour?

Dear God, why do You put up with me?

I can’t rewind my life and return to ethereal moments when I missed communing with His Spirit, worshipping Him.  I can only repent and ask Him to open my ears, open my eyes, even my nose!  How astounding is it that God gave us five senses with which to experience this life and His creation?

How can we use each of our senses, talents and gifts to worship Him, to lift Him high in glory so that others will see and worship His holy name? What is one thing you can do right now to start?

For further meditation: Psalm 97