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I’m lying on my bed

There’s a migraine in my head

And although I know she’s dead

I can hear what Mommie said

Whispers of approval

Of her love

And her respect.

I feel her hugs

I see her smile,

God’s light in her reflects.

“I’m proud of you”

“I see you”

“I know that you’ll do great”

“Wish I was there”

“Keep trying”

“We know that life won’t wait”

Sometimes her voice is mist

Just beyond my reach,

But when I close my eyes,

There I see her teach.

She is not somewhere made-up

With wings thinking of me.

Her mind is fixed on God divine

In worship continuously.

I know my mommie said,

Waking me from dread,

Happy birthday, get out of bed,

There’s a whole day ahead!

For further meditation:

I will be reading Psalm 36 today, as I like to study the Psalm that corresponds with my age each year.

What birthday tradition do you have that focusses your heart and mind on God?


(picture courtesy from Jessica “Kess” Vaughn)