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Unfinished and undone

Pieces of her left to sag between the space of life and death

She is gone

Her work here is over;

but her piles of projects line closet shelves, 

unread books fill bureau tops,

unsent letters lie in corners.

I find touches of love like buried treasure

as I carefully discard expired coupons from letters not quite complete.

I find pictures tucked away on top of empty frames and see her smiling plans.

I feel her embrace as I imagine the joy she longed to share in the quilt she had pieced.

But she is gone

Her work is over,

She has travelled home to rest –

And now I must learn this last lesson.

I return to my unpublished novels,

My half-planned events,

My incomplete rehearsals;

and look at the loads of laundry,

the stacks of dishes,

the swirling dust.
What is eternal here?

What is lasting?

The everyday things must be done

To keep moving.

(She taught me this so well)

But the dreams on butterfly wings must be balanced to take flight as well.

So I fold a bit,

Write a bit,

Cuddle close my children.

I dust a bit,

Practice a bit,

And play dancing fairies next.

I study and pour myself over God’s Word, 

Soaking in what she taught best,

And bit by bit my life is lived with those I love,

And bit by bit the plans of my life will receive the answer from God

What will last?

What legacy will I leave?


For those who have accepted the #wordsofmymouth challenge from http://www.facebook.com/veritaswomensministry

Reread today’s passages: James 4:13-17 and Proverbs 16:1-9

What was your reaction the last time your “plans” fell through?  How were the words of your mouth affected?

If your stress-level is directly influenced by the number of projects you are working on, how will you keep from overcommitting?

What is the single thing you know you are called to do, the thing that you alone can do?  What is one practical way you can you keep this your priority?Image