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Outside the reach of pain and fear it remains untouched. Once fragrant, now lifeless, cold in its impenetrable beauty. Nothing can hurt it, for it is already dead, and there are moments, I confess to my shame, that I wish I could be the same. Why can’t I be frozen, too, outside the reach of this moment of bleeding? What purpose do my tears serve?
But I worship a God who collects each tear in a bottle , a God who has numbered the hairs on my head. Just as He loves me with such intimate attention to the details of my life, so He has allowed my trials to make me useful for His good work. Long before I was born or had a single thought, He knew my path would converge with another child He loves. Through my transparent pain, He connects us, allows us to discover He is the only answer. Only here in His divine will can I see His grace. Only here can I be useful, if I don’t allow myself to become frozen, lifeless. I must keep feeling, thanking, praising, and praying, for my God gives me life and it is a life meant to bring others to Him.

(Picture courtesy ElizaBeth Plymale)

How is God using the trials in your life to encourage you? Are you aware of someone who is suffering that could use your encouragement?