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Lazy Day

Lazy Day (Photo credit: Brave Heart)


I sit here helpless, muscles limp till You stretch me forward.

Content to sit

I resist,

I fear,

I do not want to move . . .

But You smile and push, oh, so gently.

“Take a breath,

Trust me.

Now, child, GO!”

But I would rather sit at Your feet or in Your lap

where it feels so safe, so warm.

I would rather simply sing Your praises

with the doors closed shut

so no one might here,

so no one will know when I sing off-key

or when my dance falters –

But You say “go”?

Go now?

To where people will see, people will hear . . .

You say You will put the words in my mouth.

I think I need You to tell me when to open it

(so only You will come out).

You say

weep with those who weep

mourn with those who mourn.

You promise this will hurt,

You promise they won’t understand,

You promise You won’t leave me,

You promise You’ll be back –

But I must go

or never call You Lord.

For further meditation:

Luke 6:20-49