Sunday Prayers

Sunday Prayers (Photo credit: Steven Leith)

The birthday cake is baking in the oven

the bread is rising for the funeral

my prayers are somewhere between here and there, between now and soon.

Prayers for here

for healing for our church family, mourning their loss,

for the Sunday school class now dwindling from three men so quickly gone in the span of six weeks,

for their precious partners, who mourn down the hall,

for those related, both near and far.

Prayers for tomorrow,

for my birthday girl, my middle, whose exuberance is stunned by the loss of life.

Praying she will fully embrace tomorrow, exalt in the God who gives, and yes, takes that life.

For my youngest, who rejoices each time he hears another one of us has gone ahead, shouting in his innocence:

“He’s in heaven with Jesus!”

and can’t grasp why the rest of us should cry, why we should be sad when there is reason to sing.

Praying for my oldest, my Bronte-like daughter, with her deep thoughts and large eyes.  I cannot keep this sadness from her, nor should I, death makes us anticipate what is to come and celebrate the life we are gifted with.

Soon my mind dwells on prayers for Sunday,

for my husband and pastor,

who has assisted with or preached six funerals in the past six months.

I pray for his rejuvenation,

for the Spirit to fill him supernaturally so that he may



articulately exhort (and praying that we members will not be hearers only, but doers of the Word as well).

The cake’s timer is beeping –

The bread needs to be baked –

My son is wanting attention –

I will pray for Christ‘s return.

For further meditation:

I have found great hope in 2 Corinthians 4:7-18, I pray you will as well.

As always, I am thrilled to pray for you, however much or little you feel comfortable sharing. or message me through FB or twitter

Be blessed!