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Where will this road take us? Four sisters gathered for one purpose, the glory of You, our Father. How will You choose to use us?
We bring with us gifts, laughter, healed wounds. We stand transparent, will we be seen, or will You? The road twists and bends, hills of trees yawn to my side, walls of rock suddenly rise, closing us off. We can only see the road ahead as Sara plays a song of acceptance, a song of submission. Amen, Your will be done, dear Lord. We submit to You the hard work we’ve completed, the great work ahead of us. Who are we that You would look down on us and choose to use us for Your purposes? Why choose me, the least of these, to agree with them that women must be taught how to disciple, how to grow like You by living life together.
I thought it was too late, too late to be heard above the rattling noise humming through each mobile device, to be noticed in a world glittering and bejeweled with distractions far and wide. I thought my time to be useful could be only in silence, lived with my husband and among my children. I thought I would live invisible, bowed submissively denying dreams I once worshipped.
Ah, but the road turned after years of bowing and You surprise me with a sisterhood who first heard and grasped the dream You did not let die. All of a sudden, I’m stepping out in faith and my words are beginning to matter, my actions become visible, and among these precious women, sisters who put You first, I find a kindred yearning.
How backwards it feels, to start something new with children at home. During our late night sessions we groan, “Why didn’t we do this when we were younger?” But, Lord, You know, You have seen what we are created for, how and in what way we are to bring glory to Your name. I wasn’t ready before now, many humbling lessons had to be learned while scrubbing toilets and washing diapers. I had to learn how little I could do without You. These precious women, they have learned lessons to, on the road that is behind us. They learned lessons of trust, lessons of hunger, lessons of satisfaction, lessons of worship. How is it that You have brought us together, when we live so far apart and often wonder at the end of the day what more we have to give. But all we have is Yours, and we know this team is Yours. As we seek Your face, as we hold on in trust, we reach for You and wait and pray and grow as the road rises and falls once more.