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Broken Top

Broken Top (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Father, change our hearts, O God, make them true to You alone. Help us to recognize we are poor in spirit, knowing this is the only way to inherit Your kingdom. Let us mourn our iniquities so that we can truly turn away from them and be comforted. Help us to be vulnerable, keeping our strength under control and our gentleness apparent to all men, knowing by living this way we will inherit the earth. Lord, we want to be satisfied, but we can’t unless we hunger and thirst after Your righteousness. There are so many things that distract from craving Your pure Word alone, but have compassion, and lead us in the way that is right so we will only be satisfied with You!
Teach us to be merciful, as You have been merciful to us. Teach us to be pure in heart so we might see You. Teach us to be peacemakers, for we long to be called Your sons and daughters. Lord, we know if we are persecuted and insulted for Your name’s sake, it is an honor and a privilege. Remind us of this so we will not grow weary in our well-doing. Help us to diligently study the lives of the prophets and Your Son’s earthly ministry so that as we suffer, we do so with hope, looking forward to Your kingdom. Thank You for the blessing of being called Your sons and daughters. Continue Your good work in us and through us. We know we aren’t worthy, but are blessed by Your hand of mercy! In the name of Your Son, amen!

For Further Meditation:

Matthew 5-7