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The question hangs in the air
Suspended on a pendulum swinging
Between us
Who am I?
It chokes me with fear
If I don’t know who I am
How can I be who they need

There she is
Staring at me
This unknown woman
Who stares from the other side of the fogging mirror
I let her image cloud
I don’t want to see her
I’m not sure who she is
I’m sure she’s not who she should be

I step inside the streaming water pelting its heat through my skin
I cannot wash away the regret
I cannot wash away the fear
I cannot understand what I’m doing here

There is a prayer that I long to pray,
But my words are indecipherable
There is truth that can set me free,
But I fear the motion it will take to step forward
God, who am I?
Who have you created me to be?

As our team has been working on our conference, we have been studying Titus, trying to better understand the role God desires for women to have within the church. How many of us wonder and fear we have missed our purpose?

For further meditation:
Titus 2
Do you know why you were created?
Do you know what you were created for?