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As I am praying for my children this morning, I remember the anxiety of my oldest child. Though she is excited to learn, she is worried. As I have been asking God how to pray this week, He keeps telling me to pray Matthew 6:33, which I know by heart, and remembered was in the Sermon on the Mount. What I forgot was the amazing context (see 6:25-34) and can now pray with confidence over all my children and the precious students I know.

Lord God, help my children to never be fretful or anxious over things of this world that will pass away. Help them to trust You to provide for their physical needs, knowing You are both sovereign and good. As they go through their days, make them observant of the visual reminders they have all throughout creation showing Your gracious provision everywhere. Let them recognize how finite their understanding is, how temporal their lives and the things of this world are, that only the things done for Your kingdom will last! Give them eyes to see how unsatisfying living for anything but You is, let them never be satisfied with gratifying their physical desires at the cost of their souls. Help them to cling to You, excited to live a repentant life fully dedicated to serving You, searching out Your kingdom as for a precious jewel and satisfied with nothing less. Give them a burning desire to share this precious gift with their teachers and friends through first the way they behave and then in their words. Protect their witness, Lord, and give them friendships that will strengthen them! In Your Son’s name and by the power of Your Spirit, amen!