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She coils her length around my body, encompassing me in depression’s icy embrace. It begins with a numbing sensation that invades my being often following the joy of being useful to my Maker. Fatigue gives way to weariness and apathy quickly settles in … if a migraine sinks its fangs into me, I often succumb without realizing I’ve given way. The flavor of happy giggles, pattering feet, and sheepish smiles dulls, my mouth now coated in soot.
So, as another migraine grips my head and I reel from light and I sound, I fall at the feet of my Maker and begin my list again.

Thank You, Lord, for even this pain which drives me to seek Your face.
Thank You for the joy of my salvation.
Thank You for Your Word which reminds me how to sing.
Thank You for this loud boy and the two sweet friends who will join us in an hour’s time.
Thank You for my husband, precious man who loves me despite and sometimes because of my silly quirks and flaws.
Thank You for eldest, my emotional daughter and the journey You are taking us on as we learn You can be in control of our feelings, too.
Thank You for my middle, competitive and moody girl. Thank You for Your patience as I see my own drama in her eyes.
Thank You for the rain, and teach me to bloom.
Thank You for the pain, which holds me fast in Your arms.
In Your Son’s name, amen.

For Further meditation: Psalm 24.