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A young lady came up to me at the end of my first conference while I was tearing down set and asked if our group would consider putting the Ladies in Purple conference, “A Wife of Pretty Good Character,” on at her church.  I had been praying this exact thing would happen, but I’m sure that my mouth hung open a bit longer than was necessary as I quickly gave her our contact information that I had too quickly packed up.  So, tonight I travel to meet a group of women I have never met, but have been praying for over the last several weeks.  I will lead them tomorrow in studying what they will teach as Break-out session leaders at the conference, but just as importantly I will hopefully encourage them to become Titus 2 women.

In one month I will turn 35, which seems unreal and exciting to me.  I will officially be entering my “middle” years.  I was unsure how to feel about this, until now.  Because of the work the Lord has been doing in me, calling me out to show women that God does not call them to be “Pinterest-perfect” but to be loving, kind, and respectful wives and mothers, I suddenly see a glimmer of the purpose He has for me.  Reading Titus 2:3, I smile as I read that older women are to encourage younger women to love and respect their husbands, to be workers in their homes.  I may not like to think of myself as “older” – c’mon! I still have young children at home, and a great deal of my teaching takes places on a level plane, socially speaking.  That is why I am so excited to meet with the women of Bastrop at Calvary Baptist Church.  They are women who are mature in their faith and they have loved their husbands and children for longer than I have.  I pray they will have the insight I am still gleaning.  I will be teaching them what I have learned from God’s word about Proverbs 31 and I can’t wait to learn from them as well.  I long to see them go out to love younger women, disciple them.  I have become heart-breakingly aware of the great number of spiritual orphans in churches across America.  Trying to understand the Bible and how it works in your daily life is so difficult, I can’t imagine doing it without a godly mother and God providing additional spiritual mentors.

I yearn for these conferences to not be simply “women events” but for the ministry that is begun during our Break-out sessions to continue long after we leave.  I pray for salvation for the lost, rest for the weary, insight for the confused, and strength for the weak.  I have needed all of it at various times, I pray God blesses the work of our hands to glorify Himself.

Below I have included a photo of my “Ladies in Purple” drama team members.  Please ask God make us useful to His kingdom.  I pray He will bless you as well!For further meditation: Titus 2