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Stats – such a cold, lifeless word, but to a blogger, an artist longing to create a a following in order transform a career. When I began this blog six months ago I feared the narcissism that can consume me, destroy my witness and relationship with God. I prayed fervently and set up safe guards, asking friends to keep me accountable as I began blogging and using various social media tools. My lofty goals were to share my love of God and encourage others to like my writings so that I could prove to publishers that I have a following,
Now I blog, still with the hopes that my reading friends will one day purchase a novel or book I’ve written, but I write with a new dimension in mind. I envision the thousands who may visit, perhaps only once to my little blog. I must be certain to let them know they were created with an astounding purpose by an unfathomable Creator who yearns to freely give them what cost Him everything, the life of His only Son, Jesus Christ. I have one chance with most of you, to tell you of the transforming grace that has been freely given to me, and has cost me everything.
When I was younger, I thought so small, and as I grow the magnitude of His love and His desperate desire to be reconciled to each of us drops me to the floor. The paradoxes in this faith are numerous, the contemplation and application will take a lifetime. That is all each of us have to our Lord and Savior, our lives.
As I have wondered around the blogosphere I have read many of your blogs and have prayed for you. I think of the many trials you write of, encounters you have revealed, longings you express, and I pray for you. I didn’t understand this type of communication would become a ministry drenched in prayer, but it has. I am now praying for you, that God will unveil His plans for you, open your eyes to His love and mercy to you new every morning, and finally that you would be overwhelmed by a thirst that you recognize only God’s Spirit can quench.
When you do, pick up the Bible, begin in the books of John Genesis and let your Creator recreate your life. I pray then you will find a church family that believes the truth of the Bible and applies it, that together you will discover the amazing gifts He has blessed each of you with so you can serve together and be His hands and feet here on earth. Whether you ever read a novel of mine that I one day may publish, I pray all of this for you in the coming year.

For further meditation: John, Genesis

I have included a picture of my middle child – she was excited to get her very own Bible this Christmas. last night at church I found her skipping to the end 😉