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Empty as a hollow bowl,
Shallow as a plate;
Sitting useless, flat, stale.
Break me into shards and grind me into powder.
Use my dust to make something better, something new.
I need Your breath of life
For I am dead.
I need Your living water,
I am depleted.
There is nothing here inside of me except this fear –
It gnaws and gnaws at me with mutters and grunts,
Who do you think you are that He would use you?
What grand visions you have, but they are yours, not His.

And I weep and I moan, but no more than You.
For You have seen my faithless state.
You transform me,
Renew me,
Redeem me to fulfill Your good purpose.
Without You I don’t know what that means.
I beg You to give me what I truly need.
(Is what I’m asking for of You? Have I made all this up?)
Forgive me my faults, clean my sinful heart out!
Oh, let me serve You,
Only You, and not my pride, not my fear!
If You have shown me what I need, then help me trust You to be faithful,
As You always have been,
To meet my needs.


From studying Mark 9:14-29, Romans 7&8