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Cross & Clouds

Cross & Clouds (Photo credit: John H Wright Photo)

I have long wanted to write about you for others to see the man you are, but I know your face, the frown creases in at your brow, leaves its sad stain on your mouth. But you will just have to frown and shake your head at your silly wife, because I need to thank you, rather publicly, for the love you have lived out for the last ten years of our life together.
I will not pretend you are perfect, you’d find a way to delete this post if I lied like that. But you are wonderful, and I praise God for you. I remember the first time I heard you preach, your voice resounding, though you weren’t sure yet what do with your hands. In that little church with just a few people, you shared what you had studied, and as you have always taught when you preached, we leaned forward to hear more about this amazing God you spoke of and what was required of us. This morning you asked me to pray for your energy, that you would be able to focus on Him and what He wanted others to hear from Him. I praise God I am not married to man intent on his own passions or how he comes across, but rather a man concerned with the things of God and whether or not he is affectively bringing His Word to light.
Your energy was astounding, especially knowing how you have given yourself this week caring for our children and our home, making certain I have my pain medication at the right time and don’t overtax myself so I can get well. You get so frustrated with yourself, but I wish I could show you what I see, a man in love with his God and pouring himself out to minister as a husband and father – sharing his favorite songs, growling and wrestling on the floor, cuddling his little girls and reminding them to receive their love in the right places from the right people, showing his little man the best way to behave and pray – my heart is so full, I need to say these things! You have gone with little to no sleep working as many hours as possible to meet our physical needs and cling to God to provide. Oh, how He provides! Abundantly more than we could imagine, and in the most exciting ways! We worried going into ministry that one day our children would resent our lack, but they long to empty their piggy banks for the poor and the needy, they happily talk of perhaps not having everything they want, but always having what they need. They even correct themselves now when they start to head down an ungrateful path. I know we have much to teach them, my love, and perhaps they will choose not to follow us as we follow Christ, but we have a good start and we can only do our best as we stand firm in our faith.
I am blessed to call you husband and friend, as well as pastor and counselor. My cup overflows.