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Pain (Photo credit: Michelle Brea)

Sodden and soggy I awake from my sleep confused, disturbed… Who were You in that dream? Braille skin tells me nothing, yet I scratch and reveal only pain. Raw and wounded, no more time to cry, only pick up what was left behind and begin again. Begin again though some say “no”, but You are here. Beside me, before me, behind me again. Here You have always been whether I see or feel You. You always have been and always were, and always will be and in the night watches when pain or fear strips the dreams away, I can sing softly in my shattered way and remember the life You have given me is not for me alone, it is not for me alone. All I have is Yours, my pain and faith, my love and fear. Refine me, make me what You desire me to be, I am and always will be Yours.

For further meditation: Ephesians 2 (I know, I am stuck on this amazing chapter!)