Family in tall grass

Family in tall grass (Photo credit: Jackal of all trades)

Blessed beyond measure
Three pairs of eyes of shut tight and three different spectrums of colored heads
All lay sleeping
Breathing deeply
I deserve none of these blessings
A strong man stands, begins to walk through his nightly routine
Tonight he will lay down next to me, breathing in and out, in and out
He’ll pull me close beside him and share his warmth
I deserve none of these blessings
My home is snugly put together, heated or cooled as the season warrants
Water to drink and bathe with
Illness does not haunt our family
I deserve none of these blessings
I worship my Creator, the great God who made me
Study and strive to do what His Word commands me,
His Word available to me through many sacrifices
I have access to great minds through literature
To great musical compositions, art, film
I deserve none of these blessings
Why am I so blessed? Why am I so loved and cherished? How many live without these pleasures, or (much worse) the knowledge that they are fearfully and wonderfully made with a purpose
They are lavishly loved by an awesome God
I am blessed only to bless others, so show me, Lord, what to do with these blessings so I might give them back to You

For further meditation: Psalm 139, Romans 8