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Breathe now, deeply, for this moment’s nearly gone and beyond this time nothing is certain

Astronomy For Beginners

Astronomy For Beginners (Photo credit: AndyRobertsPhotos)

Something is coming, it is nearly here and though I used to hum the tune in fear

(The phone might roar with news of a drowning, a death, a disease)

The song I hear now is different

How softly He came upon me (can grace be strength?) His firm hands on my shoulders, now bearing me up

And it is coming as sure as the moon will turn her darkened face and light the night sky

“can’t stop what’s coming, can’t stop what is on it’s way”

but now I tremble with joy for the revealing of the righteous Son is coming and He will gather His own to Him and all creation will rejoice!

does it matter what tragedy lies between now and then to refine me, to burn away my impurities?

I am saying “yes” to what I cannot see

I am saying “yes” to what I am not sure of

What I know is He is true

What I see is His faithfulness

When I pick up this cross, I am following in His footsteps, and I long to walk in His shadow

Hold me fast, hold me tightly, let me not fall away, let me remain true no matter what comes.

For further meditation: Colossians 1:21-25; Romans 8:18-25; Hebrews 10:19-25;